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Picking the types of wedding flowers for your special day can really be a daunting task. There are sooooo many types of wedding flowers and those Pinterest-worthy images you’ve probably seen can make them all look stunning. And unfortunately, some wedding planners, florists, and organisers will not give you their most honest opinion when it comes to helping you choose the most affordable wedding flowers that will look gorgeous for your wedding day. Seasonal availability and the climate of where you’re being married are often overlooked but crucial factors.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to have a gorgeous bridal bouquet on your wedding day, expensive or inexpensive wedding flowers won’t look much different as long as they’re arranged, mixed, and matched professionally.  It’s also important to consider your wedding’s date since particularly out of season flowers will cost you much more than seasonal wedding flowers and may be extremely difficult to source. The key is to do your own research before consulting with any wedding florists or organisers.

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Now, it’s time to talk about the real deal… getting bang for the buck when it comes down to your wedding flower budget.

So, if you’re on a set budget but still want to have the best wedding flower arrangements on your special day keep reading!

Because now, without further adieu, we ’re going to introduce you to 7 Affordable Wedding Flowers That Can Still Look Gorgeous For Your Wedding Day.



This flower is hailed as the most romantic flower in history and commonly known as the flower symbolizing “LOVE”. Roses would be the perfect choice for your bridal bouquet if you’re the traditional type of bride, wanting a stylish and classic look. Another good point about this wedding flower choice is that they are pretty much always available so you won’t have to worry about them being overpriced and unaffordable.

Daisy Spray


These small long shelf life flowers are a great practical choice when you want to mix it up and fill in the gaps of your gorgeous wedding flower bouquet arrangements. They make an excellent alternative to the more traditional baby’s breath and bring a sense of freshness and fun to a modern bridal bouquet.

Bonus Tip: You can use as much Daisy Spray as you want so your bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ bouquets will look large and full. Using it in your very own bridal bouquet arrangement can make a simple bouquet, mixed up with another 5 – 6 assorted and affordable flowers look grand!

Geraldton Wax


Another filler flower and alternative to baby’s breath is Geraldton Wax. This is a great flower filler choice for your altar, arc, and buffet table arrangements. Not only does it add a delicate natural touch to any arrangement,  its form and size can also be used to easily fill in the gaps that you need. You can mix this up with Daisy Spray, Rose, Carnations, Native flowers and many more seasonal flowers that will help you cut costs for your grand and memorable wedding day.



Carnations are one of the cheapest but elegant wedding flowers that can surely add additional colour and style to your wedding. There are so many varieties and colours available there’s sure to be one that matches your wedding’s colour scheme.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t want your wedding to look like it has been planned on a budget, you can easily request your florist to mix these up with some more expensive flowers that can even the cost.



Just as delightful as the ever popular peony but much better lasting and certainly more affordable,  ranunculus are a smart flower to consider for your wedding arrangements. Available in a range of colours and hues, they are pretty affordable too especially when they are in season. The only downside of choosing them is they can be a bit delicate (not as sensitive as peonies though!) and so you’ll want to make sure they’re arranged carefully by a florist who’s experienced in bridal bouquets.



Small, colourful, and vibrant. That’s the best way to describe these flowers.  This flower also symbolizes prosperity, fortune, and friendship which makes it a great choice for your bridesmaid and groomsman flowers.

King Protea


King Protea has come in last on the list and that’s because it’s not truly a budget-priced flower. However, it is such an amazing and stunning feature flower that many brides love a simple native flower bouquet with a King Protea centerpiece. They do come in varying shades and having this as the star of your bridal bouquet can cut down cost by reducing the number of additional flowers needed.

And, there you have it!

These are our heart-picked most affordable wedding flowers that can still look gorgeous on your wedding day.

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