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Best Get Well Soon Flower For Someone Who Is Under The Blues

Nothing can help speed up a recovery like a fresh local bouquet of get well soon flowers. Flowers can touch the heart, freshen up the environment, and brighten the mood of anyone who might be feeling unwell.

Whether your special someone, friend, or family is sick at home or in the hospital, get well soon flowers are always thoughtful and a welcome gift that will surely lift up someone’s spirit and we all know that’s an extremely important way to help them recover quickly.

What Should You Consider If You Are Sending Get Well Soon Flowers To Someone In Hospital?

When planning to send a get well soon flower delivery to someone in hospital, it is important to assure that you have the following information of for the florist to pass on to their courier:

  • Recipient Name
  • Phone number
  • Full address of the hospital
  • Room number
  • Visiting hours and hospital rules if this could impact delivery
  • And most importantly, the type of flowers that you want to send

Think about their favourite flowers or consider giving something popular and happy like chryssies and gerbera daisies. These are great selections for a get well soon flower delivery because they are fragrance-free, bright, cheerful, and long lasting.

What Should You Consider If You Are Sending Get Well Soon Flowers To Someone At Home?

Of course, sending get well soon flowers at home is much easier than sending them to the hospital as there are no rules to consider other than the preference of the receiver and therefore the decision on the type of flowers you’ll send. Keep in mind some people have aversion to certain flower scents so you’ll need to bear this in mind if you know they have sensitivities.

If you are unsure about the type of flower that you should be sending… here are some valuable ideas and insights from our florist:


Lilies make a wonderful addition to any area of the house, because they effortlessly add beauty to their surroundings with their lush and full blooms.

These elegant flowers are oooze luxury and will really show your care and devotion to the person recovering. They’ve got a distinct fragrance that can fill a room and will last longer when the stamens are removed after the flower opens, and the ends are regularly trimmed before being returned to fresh water.

Native Flowers

A bouquet of natives is a great choice of flowers for a get well soon delivery. They might be more subtle in colour but they are very long lasting which makes them an ideal flower choice to send someone who’s feeling down. They’ll certainly go the distance and be a long lasting reminder of your consideration and well wishes.


The flower symbol for cheeriness, Gerberas are an awesome choice if you are really aiming to brighten someone’s day. These flowers look great together and are available in a wide range of colours and of course they also add a real pop of colour to any mixed flower bouquet.

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love Gerberas and as they are long lasting and fragrance free you can’t go wrong with them.

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