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Have you had an argument? Done or said something you regret? 

It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? But look, don’t worry! We’ve all been there and experienced it but the good news is that in most cases it’s possible to apologise and move on.

There are several ways you can offer a sincere apology to a family member, partner or friend after a painful argument but of course, we think the best sorry involves flowers!

What’s The Best Sorry Flower For A Partner?

When it comes to your romantic relationships, the best way to say you’re genuinely sorry to your partner is to send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 


Traditionally, the rose is popularly known as a symbol of unconditional love, affection, and care. 

That’s why we think roses make a great choice if you’re needing to offer a romantic apology to your partner who may feel hurt about an argument.

Our locally Sunshine Coast grown roses will be professionally arranged and for a super sincere sorry add a personalised card, some fudge or even a cute teddy bear. 

Trust us, an apology with roses is always a winner!


Alternatively, if you feel roses are too common or it gives off a Valentine-like vibe, you could consider lilies.

Why choose lilies?

In ancient Greek tradition the lily flower was revered for its beauty and of course saying sorry with a stunning bouquet of lilies will have you back in the good books straight away!

What’s The Best Sorry Flower To Apologise To Your Mum?


Tulips are historically linked to new beginnings. They are essentially thought of as “happy flowers of hope” and perfectly we often have these in stock around Mothers’ Day as our Queensland weather starts to cool. 

Tulips will not only brighten someone’s day but because they also represent peace and forgiveness they then become a great choice of flower to say sorry to your mum, mother-in-law or even sister.

What’s A Good Choice Of Sorry Flower For Your Friend?

Yellow Roses

Are you feeling bad about an argument you’ve had with your best friend? 

Don’t stress about it and overthink it too much as even the closest of friends have disagreements with each other! Having misunderstandings is ok as long as you’re both wanting to take the time to understand each other’s beliefs and values. 

In the case of true friendships, small arguments won’t get in the way but it’s best to resolve things before they become bigger and you can accomplish this with yellow roses.

Yellow roses stand for friendship, care, and joy and this is what makes them a wonderful choice for patching up any arguments with a good friend.

We’re here to help and, can assist you in sending sorry flowers that are professionally arranged by our local florist.