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Mums are undoubtedly the most caring, lovable and beautiful creatures, often the only person who is willing to give millions of things for the sake of others. Especially their children.

Truth be told! A mother’s life is often full of sacrifices, pain, grief and even sorrows which she is willing  to bear to keep in order to maintain her children’s security and happiness.


It’s a job that’s only understood when people become parents themselves and realise that mothers are selfless creatures and  blessings from above who treat their family’s happiness and achievements as their own.

This is why mother’s really do deserve something special for Mother’s Day.

And, whether you are planning for a simple celebration or grand gift giving this coming Mother’s Day 2019,  flowers are one of the most appreciated and traditional gifts you can give Mum.

Flowers are great representations of love, care, gratefulness, and we’d be more than happy to help you surprise Mum with a bunch on May 12.

So, without further adieu…

Let’s talk about the type of flowers that you could give to your mum based on her personality.


The keyword here is classic. The rose symbolises love and classiness.

Imagine your mum….

If she is someone whose clothes are well tailored with clean lines and simple details… if she shows appreciation for the finer things in life and has an eye for beauty; and if she’s also smart, diplomatic and fair-minded.

Then, this is the perfect flower for your gift to her!


If your mother acts joyfully and finds inspiration in all kinds of situations, then lilies may be right for her. If she doesn’t sweat the small stuff, keeps her mind on the big picture while never failing to prioritize the family with her high energy level while naturally being calm and hopeful…. she’s probably a Lily in a garden full of blooming flowers.

Why Lilies? Lilies symbolise purity and refined beauty.

Specifically, the white lily symbolises modesty and honesty, an orange lily symbolises passion, the yellow lily symbolises gaiety while Lily of the Valley symbolises sweetness and purity of heart.

Bonus: The Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary which is timely this year when Mother’s Day follows so soon from Easter.


If your mother loves challenges and uses her imagination to get things done creatively, if her quirky sense of humour never fails to amuse anyone and she has a knack for commanding attention… a potted orchid could be perfect. The orchid loving mum is a trendsetter, she chooses cutting-edge clothes and décor, and is never afraid to take a risk when it comes to style.

Orchids then are just the perfect pick for her! Orchids are a great symbol of exotic beauty and represent refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. They also symbolizes proud and glorious femininity.


The Alstroemeria is perfectly matched to ultra-feminine ladies who are graceful and refined.

If your mother is always  poised and polite, has loads of passions, such as her fondness for surprises and surprising you – she’s a little like the flower itself, whose leaves, surprisingly, grow upside down.

She’s the perfect recipient for this stunning flower, which is delicately beautiful.

Bonus Info: Alstroemeria flowers are also great symbols wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is also the flower of friendship and a beautiful addition to any bunch for mum.


Stock flowers are one of the most aromatic flowers and it lends its rich fragrance to the whole bouquet.  If your mum envelopes the people close to her with love and warmth…. is as kind as can be and the epitome of devotion this could be the flower for her, we bet she still has a core of strength that sees her (and you!) through rough patches.

Stock flowers symbolise lasting beauty and a happy life. It is indicative of affectionate bonds and is symbolic of promptness which makes it a good flower choice for Mother’s Day.


Mums will always be mums!

If your mother is the most practical person you know and when a problem arises, she’ll solve it easily because she is dependable, hard-working and cheerful…. if being with her brightens your day and brings you a smile and if no matter how much she takes on, she always has time for family and fun. Then, she is a  Chrysanthemum, the traditional Mother’s Day flower.

A Chrysanthemum symbolises fidelity, optimism, joy and long life. A red chrysanthemum conveys love; a white chrysanthemum means truth and loyal love while a yellow and purple chrysanthemum symbolises slighted love.

And, there you have it!

These are the type of flowers that you should give to your mum based on her personality.

In case, you’d like a custom made bouquet to suit her flower type personality and to delight her 100%  You can easily get in touch with us here or send us a message on Facebook. We’d love to help you make her special day amazing!