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You may be wondering what good or BIG difference it makes when you buy local flowers on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Well, we’re here to help clarify your thoughts on that and show you why fresh really is best.

I bet you’d be surprised to know that according to last year’s statistics, 5.22 million rose stems between 1st-14th February were imported into the country, mostly from Africa, China,  Colombia, Singapore, Vietnam, and India. It’s astounding, isn’t it?

Approximately 10% of flowers that are sold in Australia are imported from overseas, and with that comes a whole range of economic, environmental and ethical issues.

Real Talk: Imported flowers are grown with the heavy use of dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Not to mention, they are farmed in countries often known for very poor labour conditions.

Additionally, by the time you purchase them at the grocery store or from a flower shop that sells imported flowers, they’ll be at the very least a week old (though usually much older), meaning they’ll often last just a couple of days in your home.

So the question needs to be asked…. with over a 1000  flower farms across Australia, why do some flower shops choose to import instead of sourcing locally grown?

The reason is simple but frustrating too.

It comes down to dollars and the fact that imported flowers are often less expensive. And that’s because it is cheaper to grow flowers in warmer climate countries all year round. But don’t forget this then comes at a price – the wages, working conditions for the overseas local workers, thick plastic wrapping used, the process of being frozen and air-freighted just to get to Australia is indeed frustrating to think of. Especially when such beautiful, freshly grown local flowers supports Australian industry.

Now, aside from all those facts stated above. Let’s now explore the main benefits of buying local flowers from the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Why Should You Buy Local Flowers?

Buying Local Flowers Supports The Economy

Buying-Local-Flowers-Supports -the-Economy

Buying locally grown and sourced flowers is much like buying local food and a great form of activism.  

By purchasing a bouquet from local farmers and doing business with flowers shops, you are saying NO to harsh chemicals, exploitative labour practices, and carbon emissions from long-distance shipping.

Local Flowers Are Better Than Imported Flowers


Choosing locally grown and sourced flowers will not only help the local economy. It is also beneficial to the receiver who gets to see and smell the longer lasting fresh flowers they’ve been sent. It’s also great for the giver who knows they’ll be remembered every time the receiver passes by the beautiful arrangement AND that they’ve spent their money on a better quality and freshest product.

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Local flowers are stunning, clean, and long-lasting. They are grown using sustainable practices; they’ve no dangerous residual chemicals, are safe to sniff and sniff with their natural “fresh” flower scent. They come in vibrant attractive colours, and varieties that you just can’t find in imported flowers. But importantly, they help a farming family to earn an honest living.

In fact, when you buy local flowers, they are usually freshly picked, bunched and then delivered soon after ordering! This means that they will last a week or more for your enjoyment!