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Fresh local flowers are so much better than imported ones, even if purely for the health benefits alone of avoiding so many of the undisclosed chemicals that are used to preserve flowers farmed overseas and then imported.

When you are thinking of buying flowers for yourself at home or to give a loved one, these 7 reasons for choosing fresh local flowers will surely convince you to stop buying imported supermarket and chemically preserved flowers in no time.

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Fresh Local Flowers Are Mood changer

Whose bad moods wouldn’t melt with flowers anyway?

Imagine someone bringing you a lovely arrangement of fresh local flowers on a random day, totally out of the blue and unexpected?

It’s pretty well guaranteed to lift your mood, isn’t it?

Flowers which are grown in Australia can survive and share their fragrance for days and this makes them memorable.

Fresh Local Flowers Promote Relaxation

Every florist knows that the beautiful scent of flowers can bring peace and calmness to your soul.

Being stuck at a desk inside an office all day can really take a toll on your mind and your body, and that’s not good for being either productive or healthy. If you can’t open a window to get fresh air flowing into your workspace, flowers and houseplants are the next best thing.

Bonus:  Did you know? The scent of lavender is believed to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Fresh Local Flowers Can Improve Your  Memory and Concentration

Keeping an indoor plant indoor or even a freshly picked bouquet of flowers nearby in your room may help with memory and concentration as plants are responsible for oxygenating our air supply.

Worth a try don’t you think?

Fresh Local Flowers Can Spark Your  Creativity

Flowers are candy for the eye and a gorgeous floral arrangement will radiate beauty and promote creativity when it’s admired….  A bit like nature’s own perfect interior design. Studies say that flowers – especially those with bright colors – can help increase one’s  creativity and we think that makes perfect sense!

Fresh Local Flowers Can Give You  A Good Night Sleep

Having good quality sleep, each and every night,  makes the world of difference to your daily energy and well being. The great news is that flowers can help you have that restful sleep.

Bonus:  Did you know? Flowers like chamomile are famously used in the tea industry as a natural antidepressant and help to reduce symptoms of insomnia.

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Fresh Local Flowers are Good for the Skin

Flowers naturally release moisture into the air and  having a few of them in your office or your living room will help you to maintain naturally radiant and healthy skin.

Flowers are nature’s gift to us and no doubt the apple of the eye for many who love their freshness and beauty. They smell good, look fabulous and have tons of health benefits. Just be sure to select ones that are grown locally to prevent harmful chemicals that could compromise your health.