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While Christmas is meant to be a time to relax and enjoy a break with your loved ones, it can also be stressful, to say the least, if you’re the host of a family Christmas lunch or festive dinner party for friends. 

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to planning a Christmas event – food, beverages, and decorations…  and we know it can seem a daunting task! We hope you remember that no matter how your festive event unfolds, your friends and family will appreciate the effort you’ve put into making a magical Christmas get-together.

Now our best advice is to try and plan each element of your celebration individually, instead of stressing about it all at once. Then, you can have fun with it!

Imagine what you want to see on the table and then let your creative genius takeover! Christmas in Australia provides it’s own challenge, as many traditional decorations focus on a winter season. Luckily, flowers lend themselves perfectly to a summer festive celebration!

Pro Tip: When creating a festive center table flower it’s a great idea to choose flowers with vibrant colours that match your other Christmas decor.

Here’s some ideas showing great festive Christmas table ideas for Australians who celebrate this season in the warmer months.

Striking Natives and Wildflowers

Striking Natives and Wildflowers Aussie World Flowers

Traditional Christmas decorations come from the countries of Northern Europe and the flowers and plants used to create this look are indigenous to that area.

But we’re in Australia, so why not decorate your Christmas tables with our country’s more popular native flowers?

We have many beautiful natives and wildflowers which would make a fabulous and striking  centerpiece for your table.

There’s so many ways you could create a stunning Christmas table using locally grown natives and wildflowers including: building a table runner by spreading eucalyptus leaves across the middle and then adding height and texture with native blooms to create a rustic-chic look.

Light And Bright

Light And Bright Aussie World Flowers

You could also go against the predictable and choose to use non-traditional colours for your flowers this Christmas.

A big, colorful and welcoming arrangement would make a sensational decoration for your event.

One ideas is to choose a beautiful, elegant arrangement that combines native foliage with spectacular bright colour combinations, arranged ina tall glass vase, so it’s ready to go straight on the table.

Another striking design that would be suitable for a table setting is an elegant floral arrangement presented in a large glass vase and includes roses, lilies, textured disbud chrysanthemums, and lush leaves.

Plain And Simple

Flower Centerpiece Aussie World Flowers

Instead of a luxurious table runner or large arrangement, you can also keep things stylish and simple this Christmas with an understated arrangement.

A unique floral arrangement on in tones of white and cream that sits alone on a table can create a beautiful, minimalist style.

Christmas Twist

Love your traditional Christmas and not able to steer away from it?

All good, you aren’t alone! But sometimes it’s good to take a tried and tested concept and breathe new life into it.

Refresh a traditional Christmas theme of by adhering to the well-loved red, white and green color scheme, but switch flower styles and use different textures to create a fresh and unique look.

If you’re not prepared for a DIY project, don’t worry. You can always send us a message and we will take it from there.

You can also visit us at Aussie World Flowers.

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Christmas Wild Flower Centerpiece Aussie World Flowers

Just look at this elegant combination of stunning blooms in traditional colours! We’d love to create something along these lines for your festive celebration!