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Giving flowers to say “thanks’ has been customary since the beginning of time. Did you know that the ancient Turks initially allocated each flower a unique significance, and these meanings have been remembered through the ages.

Well, the tradition of giving flowers, particularly as a means of gratitude stays with us today.

Now, a good question to ask is “what type of flower is appropriate to give to someone as a thank you gesture?” and we’ll discuss that here in this article.

When you present someone with a ‘thank you’ gift, it’s likely you’re wanting to make a great impression to show your appreciation. Right?

Well, flowers are one of the simplest and most popular ways to give your thanks to someone. While it can seem difficult to choose the perfect thank you flowers, in this article we’ve narrowed the field a little to help you to select the right flowers to express your gratitude.

Here’s our guide for giving the best thank you flowers.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerberas are colourful, bright and fresh. They’re just the sort of flowers you’ll want to give as thanks for someone who has brightened your life or offered their helpful wisdom. They are also one of the longest-lasting cut flowers, often lasting 2 to three weeks, so they’re a great way to leave a lasting impression of your appreciation on your special someone.

We always have gerberas in-store and can accommodate most colour preferences.


Sunflowers are famous for their way they track the movements of the sun and just like you can give them as a thank you gift to someone who has helped you find direction in your life. Also, as these plants can grow up to 8ft tall, they are a great symbolic choice if someone has helped you achieve growth either personally or in business.

We get fresh sunflowers into the shop each week and would be happy to include them into a thank you bouquet for you to present to someone.


Lilies are big, bright and beautiful plus they smell great. If you want to appeal to your recipient’s five senses Lilies are sure to do the trick as they tick all the boxes. We mainly have classic white and also pink available in the store and orange Asiatic lilies are seasonally available too. The lily normally portrays passion and purity so this is a great thank you gift for someone who has helped you to rekindle your energy and find your true calling.


Orchids are elegant, bright and classy. While we seasonally have cut orchids and are happy to order them in on request, we usually have potted phalaenopsis orchids available and these make a wonderful thank you gift as a long-lasting alternative to cut flowers. Orchids are a lovely way to send your wishes to someone who’s helped you through difficult times.


If you want to thank someone for their friendship, choose chrysanthemums. These flowers depict cheerfulness and say “thanks heaps for being a wonderful friend.” We’ve always got them available in a range of colours, so they’re an easy flower to give your buddy.


“But roses are flowers for lovers!” we hear you cry. Yes they are that too, but they can also be a really beautiful flower to say thank you too. Not only do they make a fantastic surprise on their own and can be ordered in many colours, they make a great companion flower for many of the other flowers on this list. Of course roses communicate bold feelings and are a great thank you gift for someone who’s helped you face your fears and overcome major hurdles.

All of our roses are grown locally on the Sunshine Cost and being farm fresh, they last really well.

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Everyone is unique and has different flower preferences but we’re sure if you choose one of the flowers mentioned above you’ll be able to show the kind of gratitude that will delight your lucky recipient. You can order today online or  contact our florist to prepare  a custom bouquet of thank you flowers.