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Ahhh Weddings! Without a doubt they are expensive – just consider the costs of the wedding flowers, venue, food, hair and makeup, photographers, gowns, and so much more. It’s intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime event but that said doesn’t need to break the bank.

You certainly have to do the math and stick to your budget and that includes choosing your wedding flowers and other wedding supplies wisely.  Otherwise, your bank account will go from hero to zero and you probably already know of some couples who’ve entered marriage with a wedding debt…. right?

That’s why it is important for you to plan your wedding carefully, asking questions of people who have already got married,  then think with clarity and thorough research.

But, don’t worry, we’re here to help with one of the most important items of your wedding – the flowers!

And we’ve got some Smart Saving Tips To Get The Best Value Wedding Flowers Without Sacrificing Your Dream Wedding.

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SO, firstly…. why are wedding flowers so expensive? And, then is there any way you can cut costs without sacrificing your dream wedding?

While flowers and weddings are a match made in heaven, there are times you’ll feel that the price tag will certainly bring you crashing back to earth.

Well contrary to popular belief, many couples feel that if they want a wedding overflowing with flowers, they must have a large wedding budget. Not necessarily, because it can still be possible to achieve your dream wedding at a reasonable price if you know where to look, what’s in season and are prepared to work with your florist and their ideas.

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If you’re being to wonder how it’s even possible, keep reading and allow us to explain.

Where Can You Find The Right Wedding Specialist To Assist You For Affordable Wedding Flowers?

There are many ways to find the right wedding specialist to assist you with affordable and best-value wedding flowers – such as doing your own research on social media and Google, asking your family and friends, or visiting some of the nearest florist shops in your area.

Bonus: You can also consult with our expert florists to plan the perfect wedding bouquet. Our team have thrilled many Sunshine Coast brides with gorgeous and unique bouquets, floral crowns, buttonaires and arbor arrangements.

How Can You Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Flowers?

Now let’s get to the real deal on how you can cut the cost of your wedding flowers.

We’ll keep it simple and easy for you and of course would be very happy to talk with you further about your wedding day plans

  1. Talk to your florist about your ideas and be open to their suggestions. Consider flowers that are in season and allow the florist to work your dream into an affordably practical option.
  2. Speak with your florist to figure out ways in which the flowers and greenery can be used to their maximum potential.
  3. Avoid last minute changes and minor tweaks. Always be considerate that you are not the only client that the florist has. Any last minute changes will affect their projects as a whole, the availability of stock may change and this could all result in a higher price.
  4. Be open and honest about your dream wedding on a budget and be realistic with expectations. Your florist will surely understand and appreciate your parameters – it’s part of what they love to do and making you happy on your big day is the goal!